In Search of Wilderness

posted in: Environmental

Let see . . . spending 6 to 8 weeks outdoors mapping proposed wilderness areas in central California, taking pictures and getting paid for it. I’m in. Ryan Henson, from the California Wilderness Coalition, was all excited to hear that … Read More

Words of Wisdom to Live by

posted in: Surf Info

The other month I received an email with the following “Words of Wisdom”. I was so moved by it, that I figured this was one of the best philosophy’s to share with others for the New Year. I have no … Read More

Surf Camps Guide

posted in: Learn to Surf, Surf Info, Travel

Why go to a surf camp? With surfing continuing to explode globally, there are more places to do “surf camp’ than ever. But what is it? A good surf camp is a place where people come together to learn and … Read More

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