Japanese Surfer GirlsThe Land of the Rising Sun has spun a number of elite surfers. This land mass surrounded by the Pacific Ocean is a mecca for waves. With the Pacific swell to the east and tropical climate of the southern islands, good surfing conditions are available year-round in Japan. Some of the best places to find surf are Chiba – home to the 2021 Olympics for Surfing; Shonan – a slightly smaller, less crowded beach area just south of Chiba; Enoshima Beach – ends at the traditional city of Kamakura; Shirahama, a popular and often crowded, yet gorgeous beach location; Shikoku Island – to the southwest is known for its ideal beach conditions, easy access, and surf communities; and Okinawa – which can be surfed all year long.

Japan is home to a number of amazing surfers, both female and male. However, our list consists of the
Top Female Surfers from Japan.