Shino Matsuda

Shino Matsuda was born August 13, 2002 in Chigasaki, Japan. Shino spent her childhood in Shonan, a coastal community of Sagami Bay just outside of the Tokyo area. Both her parents were recreational surfers and had Shino joined a surfing school at her local beach when she was six years old. She entered her first competition by the age of nine.

As Shino followed her love of surfing, her ultimate goal was to be the first female Japanese surfer on the CT and given her young age and career results she might be the country’s best chance.

Shino went head to head with the world’s best National Surfing Teams at the 2019 ISA World Surfing Games in Miyazaki, Japan and more than held her own. She finished in 15th place, and as the highest ranking surfer from Asia, was awarded a continental qualification slot for Tokyo 2020.

With the Olympics looming in 2021 in Chiba Japan, this young and talented surfer is poised to represent Japan. And with her growing celebrity, Mattel toys created a Barbie doll after her.

“So, I’m trying not to be too conscious of the result and just focusing on my surfing. For me, my surfing is all about just enjoying riding the waves. As I build up experience through taking part in competitions, I learn a lot about tactics or game management and the mental side of the sport.

“So, I take only the good aspects and think positively when I’m performing.”

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Height: 5’2”

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